Company Policy
Policy for All Company Employees :

To follow continues improvement to find out the right.,

Continue to produce our customer satisfaction focused goods with using the most suitable economic conditions, respecting the "Zero Defect ", and reliable quality,

To respect the requirements and activities of "ISO 14001: 2004"at all stages of production with the mind focused the environment that have borrowed from future generations.,

To comply the targets related to the environment; prioritize and ensure the continuity of "ISO 14001: 2004" by putting the necessary resources,

Effectively implement the standards of management system ,


Our aim

To keep customer satisfaction at the highest level.

To reduce using raw materials and energy consumption, to identify potential environmental pollution risks and to keep it under control and manage.

To reduce and keep under the control our hazardous and non-hazardous waste that arising from all our activities.

To ensure about effective internal and external communication.

To prevent possible work accidents.

Our Policy

To respond on the ''Total Quality Responsability'' as all departments in our company.

To follow all laws and regulations under its scope with the respect of environment.

Response transparently to persons and institutions that request about environment.

To use new technology on our productions, services and activities starting from project phase to final product delivery.

To instruct both of our employees and our subcontractors to being sensitive about environment.

Share responsibilities and authorization among our employees to be inline with the laws , regulations, directives of Occupational Health and Safety;

To ensure the efficient, secure and healthy working environment; enable effective communication; improve individual performance of employees; and to reward success and knowledge with using the the most accurate internal and external resources effectively.