Rözmaş Metal exports approximately %90 of its production to more than 20 countries from Italy to China. High quality, on time delivery and 20 years experience are the main strengths of Rözmaş Metal to create long term value for its customers since its extablishment in 1991.

Rözmaş Metal has been producing radiator connection elements (nipples) for iron casting and aluminum die casting radiators as the main product. As one of the few manufacturers in the world, Rözmaş Metal has been increasing its capacity of export with its quality and customer satisfaction based approach.

Lean Production


Rözmaş Metal uses lean manufacturing methodologies as a production philosophy. Using lean production techniques, Rözmaş Metal satisfies requirements of the customer in a proper schedule using less resources in the production process. Hence, the main goals of Rözmaş Metal are cost efficient production and on time delivery.

Our lean manufacturing method is to ensure continuous flow of value during the production process. Thus, lean manufacturing, quality of the product and processes, on-time delivery, cost competitiveness, safety, employee motivation and legal compliance are the key concepts which are treated as the first priority based on a ‘’company culture’’ approach.



Rözmaş Metal will continue to follow production based growth strategy. For this purpose, especially in line with growth target in the automotive sector, Rözmaş Metal has taken first step to the sector with the production of stamping parts. In the coming periods, Rözmaş Metal will boost its investments in the production of automotive components to increase its capability in this product line.

Furthermore, Rözmaş Metal is studying to develop new business in the heating sector besides the nipple which is the main production line of the company.

Rözmaş Metal will develop in different sectors with its entrepreneurial and innovative approach.