Human Resources Policy of Rözmaş Metal is based on an efficient and productive management system that respects creativity, capability, and capacity of its employees.

As Rözmaş Metal, we are aware of that the effective management of human resources is the key factor for the sustainable success of the company. The fundamental priority and target of human resources policy is not only to maintain the performance of the company in the highest level, but also to improve continuously personnel abilities of employees such as creativity, analytical thinking.

Basic principle of Human Resources Management in Rözmaş Metal is to establish a relationship based on mutual trust and respect. A work environment based on mutual trust and respect is only possible by overlapping values of management and employees. Improvement of life standards of employees is possible with welfare of Rözmaş Metal. Hence, not only employees but also management should share common goals to improve welfare of the company. In this regard, employees should do highest level of cooperation and always work to make it better, sharing knowledge and experiences with their teammates.

As Rözmaş Metal, in order to create a spirit of mutual trust and respect which is our fundamental principle, we commit that;


Together we are strong and happy family!

We as Rözmaş Metal aim to increase employee satisfaction by improving working area safety, ergonomic, and environmental conditions to create happy and peaceful ambience.

Accordingly, we are working to be a happy, peaceful, and healthy family with our employees. Together as a big family, we look with hope to the future.


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