Tolga Yalgı

Always better..,

Rözmaş Metal is a success story of Mr. Durmuş Özcan who was an ambitious and lively entrepreneur. In 2014, we lost Mr. Durmuş Özcan. We, as protectors of his heritage, are working to make Rözmaş Metal even better each day and we remember him with respect and mercy.

Companies, regardless of the individuals, have to develop long lasting strategies and policies to survive in every kind of economic condition. We, as professional management of Rözmaş Metal, have been trying to do our best in the existing production and looking for new investment opportunities to expand our horizon, combining today’s organizational and technological requirements with the inherited spirit of entrepreneurship.

Our website has been designed to summarize fundamentals of corporate culture, management values, principles, and policies. What you have read in this website can give you an idea about our excitement to do always better; however, determination and perseverance of our employees are far beyond what is written here.

Rözmaş Metal has been operating in heating industry over twenty years and exporting more than 20 countries. While Rözmaş Metal works on increasing product range for the heating industry; on the other hand, seeks to open up new business areas. In line with this target, first of all, we started to produce stamping parts for automotive sector, and we will grow by developing day by day in this area.

The customer satisfaction, as the purpose of our existence, is our primary goal. Each employee of Rözmaş Metal works with awareness of producing cost and quality competitive products and delivering on time to the customer. We know that effective management of human resources is the key of permanent success. We respect abilities and creativity of our employees, and we are taking steps to continuously develop not only professional knowledge and skills, but also personal abilities.

In accordance with our common goals, our employees produce effective solutions to problems in the collaborative business processes and continuously try to find better ways to do their works. Thus, we will continue our way with confident steps with the philosophy of continuous improvement.

Always better with all stakeholders...