Rözmaş Metal

Since 1991,

Rözmaş Metal Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. is founded by Mr. Durmuş Özcan in 1991, and since then Rözmaş Metal has been producing radiator connection elements (nipples) for iron casting and aluminum die casting radiators. Nipples are produced by dedicated, fully automated and fast machines in various dimensions based on customer requirement and %100 quality control is applied at the end of the line by special sensors. %90 of nipples produced by Rözmaş Metal are exported to more than 20 radiator producers in Europe, Russia, and Iran. In addition to that, Rözmaş Metal has been working to offer different products in the heating industry beside the nipple using its 20 years experience in the heating industry.

Rözmaş Metal started to produce stamping part for automotive sector in 2015 and has added a new one to the metal shaping experiences.

Rözmaş Metal respects customers, employees, and all stakeholder. Moreover, Rözmaş Metal produce high quality products with environmentally sensitive approach. Hence, Rözmaş Metal is walking confidently to the future with continuous change and development policy.